Fitness Beyond The Gym: Your Top 7 Wealths

When you see the word FITNESS what image does your mind pop into your head?

For most people you would automatically see a gym of some kind, weights, sweat, and for some a torture chamber. What most don’t realize is the physical aspect of “lifting weights” is but a tiny speck in the realm of true fitness for oneself. TRUE fitness is much more than that. I can say this because I am a fitness professional who spends my days in classes teaching fitness and who personally spends 6 days a week in the gym. Take it from me, the physical part, is only the beginning.

So what am I talking about then. I have a mentor that showed me years ago his top “wealths” in life. I’m breaking them down into 7 parts to show you the way to a fulfilling and healthy life involves all aspects of your life, starting from within.

1. Physical

I started with this because to most this is the most obvious but more than what you think. Do you ever feel very tense in your shoulders or lower back after a long day at work or stressful time in your life? What about a certain pain in your mouth due to a cavity or stuffy nose due to a cold? All of these are PHYSICAL aspects of your health. Just like working out to remain agile and strong, taking care of your physical body is a must. Whether its taking a warm bath and foam rolling, doing yoga, or getting a massage to calm your knots. It also involves going to the dentist, doctor, or simply getting more sleep to recover your body from the aches and pains life may give you.


2. Mind

There is nothing in this world that carries the same abilities and talents your mind possesses. It is more intricate than a computer and capable of more than anything you could even imagine. You hold within your skull the ultimate weapon for a great and healthy life. Your mind is an incredible servant but a lousy master because whatever you feed it is what you will subconsciously create within your world. It is that powerful…seriously. You must exercise your mind and guard it from negative influences in order to create a healthy life because if you believe something to be true, that belief has no other choice than to be created. This may be the most important part of your health and most people don’t pay any attention to it. Protect your mind from gossip, trash, and negative thoughts. Exercise it with books, seminars, and influential people.


3. Financial

One of the top reasons most couples get divorced is because of financial disputes. Not because money is the root of all evil, I believe the opposite to be true actually. The truth then, is because money is one of the most valuable tools in this world. Most people do not know how to handle their finances (school does not teach you this) so people become ignorant to healthy financial exercises and get in a heap of trouble. Our society is making it easier and easier to get in lots of debt and stay in debt, creating a lot of slaves to big companies. My one big suggestion for this is to read (mind exercise) Dave Ramsey’s book Total Money Makeover. Just read it, you’ll understand when you’re done.


4. Spirit

It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, fairies, or no god at all. One thing everyone IS is an energy source. Everyone has a light that cannot be ignored. I personally know and love my God but in this particular part I’m not talking religion. I’m talking about your personal light that makes you who YOU are. The light that keeps you alive. Yes, your heart pumps and circulates the blood but whats pumps your heart? How does it keep beating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no rest, no help, and no reason other than to keep YOU here. This energy, is what you need to be in tune with. Get to know yourself, because everyone is different. There is no other you and there never will be again. If your light is low, your LIFE is low…get me? Find what makes your light shine, meditate on it, go somewhere quiet to sense it, and breath life into it.



There were 50 billion different combinations that COULD HAVE been, but within a miracle of a chance, you were born and created exactly the way you are. You are rarest of the rare, a one time being, never to be repeated. There is no one on earth like you, never has been, and never will be again… let that just sink in for a minute. You were created with gifts and talents that no one else possesses with a combination of them being a powerful force that cannot be recreated. YOU are here for a purpose. Everyone on earth, is here for something special, specific, and unique to them. Your first half of your life is to find out what that purpose is. The second half is to fulfill that purpose and leave your legacy. A little hint: if you find something you absolutely love to do and it helps and serves others, you found it. Passion + Service = Purpose


6.  Adventure

Let’s face it, all work and no play makes Jane a very dull girl. One of the best parts about life is getting to ENJOY IT! If you’re not having any fun then what’s the point? We were not created to merely survive but THRIVE in life, in whatever form thrive means to you. The world is such a beautiful place and was made for YOU to explore it. This one is pretty simple and straight forward, if you are over worked and under too much stress, go play! Have some fun, laugh, try something new, feel the thrill of adrenaline in your veins, take a day and do something you want to do just because you want to do it. It’s okay..really. If you are looking for permission this is it.


7. Relationships / Love

Human beings are social animals. We were never meant to live alone. Relationships and love is the reason we exist and is the most important fuel we have to keep going. Without love and relationships there wouldn’t be a species..think about it. When you are going through a hard time what do you do? you run to a trustful friend or family member to vent or just be next to. those bonds keep you sane and allow you to know you are not alone. They keep you going when times get hard.

I’m not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship either. Yes those types of relationships fill us in a way no other can but you can live without one and sometimes being on your own is where you are suppose to be. thats why romance is a part of your relationships but not the whole thing. You need friends and family to lift you up as well as others to give you meaning in life to serve with purpose. If you have the love of others around you, your life is already fit and full, build on that.



Monday Morning Coffee: Sitting at an airport

Good morning!

I’m sorry for my recent absence, sometimes life throws you through some loops and you need to learn to bend with them. Needless to say I’ve been doing a lot of yoga haha. In fact, I’m just about to do some yoga now while I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my next flight to take me home to Orange County. There is something fun about being the weird person in front of thousands of people from all over the world stretching and working out while we wait. Have you ever done that before?

Maybe it’s not working out somewhere besides the gym but doing something out of the ordinary. It can be anything that makes people do a double take and ask themselves “what in the world are they doing?” Do you know why it’s so fun?… it makes the people watching you think. Somehow someway you inspire them by doing this. Whether it’s making people realize they should work out, or maybe that they should just walk more! An example of this is a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to walk to the store instead of drive…now, we come from a place where the only people who really walk anywhere are either homeless or poor. So we walked in our Lululemon and Lucky Jeans (weird what brand names will make people think about you) to the store and man oh man the looks we got! It was hilarious! I love doing that.

This week I have a dare for you, I dare you to do something out of the ordinary. Whether it’s tricep dips at the airport like this guy RIGHT HERE or using your legs as transportation instead of a vehicle. Do something to make people do a double take and subconsciously inspire them to do the same. In short…

Dare to be different

Monday Coffee: 5 Easy Steps to Success

I have a quick question for you to ponder and hopefully ACT on today. Are you ready for it?

What are the TOP 5 things you could get done this WEEK to get you closer to your goals? 

These 5 things could be one thing in a different category or it can be all for one specific goal.

IF you do not have any goals….which is dumb (sorry if I offend anyone) then first write down some goals. What do you want to be better at physically, financially, in your relationships, career wise, spiritually, your legacy? Go wild with your dreams and thoughts, redefine normal. Don’t let life tell you what you can and cannot accomplish. DREAM BIG! After you write down and know your goals write 5 baby steps to getting to those goals. Once you have accomplished those first 5, write down the next 5 and get to work. It’s that simple…seriously. Goals are attained one baby step at a time.

If you don’t know what the first step is then write with the end in mind. AKA write the steps backwards as if you already accomplished it. This will give you clarity on what has to happen in order for you to attain your goals.  If you want to accomplish anything in life you first need to know where you are going.


Get to stepping :)

The Person in The Mirror


There is something to be said about the person who comes back after a huge downfall or makes their dreams come true despite impossible* circumstances. Whether it’s losing that extra 30 pounds, gaining wealth, finding independence, or landing the dream job; there is ONE thing that makes all of this come true or not come true… and you look at it everyday in the mirror.

It doesn’t matter how much you KNOW about something or how many tricks and tips you have written down to getting you where you want to go. As Dave Ramsey says in one of his books,

“what to do isn’t the problem, DOING it is.”

If you are willing to face the person staring back at you in the mirror, if you are willing to CHANGE, you will find the success you desire…but not until then. You have to want to change, and none of this “should do” or “one day” talk. It has to be a MUST DO and TODAY kind of talk.

The way I like to describe it is it’s like a light switch. You think about it and think about it, even get frustrated at times with others around you and at yourself because nothing changes and then one day it hits you. The stars align and the light switches on inside that amazing mind of yours and you just, GET IT. That’s when you change. That’s when the magic happens.

I hope today is that day for you. My prayer for you is when you see yourself in the mirror today you look dead in your eyes and take control of your life. You yell out to yourself


I dare you to change today, I dare you to switch that light on inside and make a change for your future. Every goal is reached and success is accomplished by FIRST conquering yourself. Once you’ve done that, you will see the change you’ve been desperately seeking.

* PS there is no such thing as impossible, just hasn’t been done YET…

5 Best Ways to Fill In the HOLE

If there is one thing I have learned this past month or so it’s:

It doesn’t matter what type of car you drive, how much money is in the bank, who your friends are, or what you look like physically. If you are unhappy on the INSIDE nothing on the outside is going to fill that hole. It has to come from WITHIN first.

So many people use outside forces to try and hide that empty feeling inside. Some use food, others use alcohol and partying, shopping, smoking, or serial relationships to name a few. I know this because I used to do this as well. My two favorites were shopping and food. (It’s a constant battle for me with emotional eating) You try and try to fill that hole with shallow substances that may make you feel good at first, but will ultimately fade leaving behind the pain you tried so hard to hide.

So what do you do? Go broke, get unhealthy and overweight with an addiction problem? NO! I am here to show you some tips on how you can change your life starting NOW by realizing your “GO TO’S” and how to break the cycle. Here is what I did:

1. Notice the triggers. You’re driving down the road and you see Target. Your mind immediately goes for the turning signal to enter. You don’t need anything from target, you just want to shop.

  • Ask yourself WHY you feel the need to go into Target (or any favorite shopping center). What is really going on inside to make you feel the need to hide.
  • This part is strange: talk to yourself. Ask yourself, “okay now, what’s going on? How do I really feel?”
  • Find the deeper meaning behind the urge, acknowledge the empty feeling, and take a few deep breaths in the nose, out the mouth.
  • pull out a piece of paper and write about it.

2. Take it day by day. Don’t make yourself feel like you can’t indulge all the time, just tell yourself NO once.

  • By saying No to yourself once, it opens neural pathways in your brain creating new habits. You just earned yourself self discipline. This will help you in the future to say no more often and take control over your life.

3. Create more good self discipline techniques. Use other aspects of your life to help create more self discipline. Self discipline is a muscle to be exercised, just like the rest of your body.

  • One way you can do this is by making your bed right when you wake up in the morning. I know this sounds strange but by stopping procrastination and just doing it, it creates more of those neural pathways.
  • If you do small, self discipline tasks daily you will build up incredible strength toward those “GO TO’S” and be able to say no to them more.

4. Write out your life plan. A mentor of mine had me do this and it changed my life. This will act as your new road map to a happy life.

  • Write out what you want your life to look like. Not just in business but in your relationships, financially, what car you want to drive, where you want to live, what you want your schedule to look like.
  • Write down what your ideal life would be to make you happy.

5. Take small daily steps in creating that life plan in reality. Baby steps create leaps of progress.

  • You have one life to live, why would you not live it the way you want?
  • Next time you have an urge for one of your “GO TO’S” ask yourself if it is aligned with your life plan. If it’s not, then don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now.
  • If you do not plan and direct your life, life will direct it for you and it doesn’t care what your goals and dreams are.

There are five steps to filling that hole and creating a more fulfilling life. I know you can break out of these old habits that limit you and your potential. You were born the rarest of rare on this Earth. There has never been another you on this Earth before and you will never be here again…

Live accordingly.




Why the Hard Times are The Best of Times

Every time we make a decision we change our lives. Sometimes we don’t realize the impact it will have on us until years later, other times it will be instant. Same thing happens when we set goals. Goals are meant to change your life, they are meant to guide you, grow you, make you stronger, and to push you outside of your comfort zone and expand your vision of yourself and your future. That’s why goals are going to be hard.

The HARD is what makes it all worth it, the HARD is what grows you. I heard a saying once about how you don’t practice faith on the mountain tops, you learn faith in the valleys. The Valley is when its hard, dark, long, often times dull, and you don’t see a way out. It’s THERE you learn faith and perseverance. All great goals will be fought in the Valley. If there is no Valley during your goal your goal is not BIG enough. “Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.” a quote spoken from an old prestigious actress who once had to fight her way to the top. A daring statement however considering the pain you will endure to get there. Thats the grand adventure of it all however.

I’m writing this as I am in the Valley. I set out late July on a quest for changing the viewpoint of others to help them see a better way of life is a balanced one, what I didn’t realize is I would end up changing my own life tremendously. My set goal to compete in my first bikini fitness model competition was November of this year. This has now been postponed until this coming April. Issues arise in life and set backs have a way of being, at times, frustrating but always needed in some way. Life has given me a few set backs that have pushed me to hold back until next year. Though I am not happy with having to wait I know I have bigger priorities and goals in life I need to attend to now that the competition was getting in the way of.

I’ve realized putting some ideas, goals, and situations aside to make room for your bigger goals is key and needed in order to succeed in life. The setbacks and hard decisions to be made on your journey is what pushes you to become better, smarter, stronger, and wiser in the future.

Don’t be angry about the hard times, be glad you have something so big to fight for.

Monday Morning Coffee: A Little Fitness Help

People ask me all the time what they should be eating after a workout. What many people don’t realize is what you eat BEFORE the workout is just as important as AFTER the workout. Here’s why:
BEFORE the workout you are prepping your body for the energy you will need to be physically active. Lack of food will likely cause weight GAIN because your body goes into survival mode. It holds on to whatever it can of your body fat thinking you are in famine mode. With proper nutrition your body will be ready to expend whatever it needs to without thinking your starving.
What it needs: Carbs and Protein with a small amount of healthy fats (helps your body burn clean fuel, producing better results)
TIME before: About an hour and a half is prime
Example: Chicken, brown rice, with sliced avocado OR a piece of Ezekiel bread with natural peanut butter works too.

AFTER a workout is also very important because you need to recover your body and rebuild the muscles you just used during the workout. Your body and muscles in it react and take what they need from the food you put into it. Certain foods are made to recover and rebuild like your body needs.
What it needs: Carbs (for recovery) and Protein (for rebuilding muscles)
TIME after: Within the first hour after
Example: Banana and protein shake, chicken salad, OR if you’re in a rush chocolate milk works well. I prefer the horizon Organic myself.
Hope this helps elevate some confusion for you and you are better prepared for your next workout!




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