Monday Morning Coffee: A Touchy Subject

Hey you!

I’m sorry for the lateness today, it’s been a busy holiday with family and friends. Before I head out for a BBQ I wanted to share a very important health tip with you that will change your mind and body like nothing else. It’s a bit of a touchy subject though so I wanted to tell you face to face. Check out the video below to see what it is!

One Sentence That Will Change Your Life

I stumbled upon this quote this morning and it put a bomb in my mind. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all morning. So of course, I HAVE to share it with you. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t?! It’s:

“Things do not change; we change.”  – Henry David Thoreau


Boom right? Things (aka life and the outside world) do not change…. WE (you and me) change. That statement couldn’t be more true. Or if you want to look at it from the eyes of Captain Jack Sparrow (the crazy pirate from disney who is quite dreamy and oddly very smart) “the problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

If you can change the way you think of obstacles (they are never REALLY problems since they always tend to work out for the better) you will be able to change your entire life around. What you THINK about you become. 

Today work on changing what’s on the inside, not what’s on the outside. It’ll make for a much happier life. :)



Carpe Diem

Monday Morning Coffee: Breaking Point

I have a confession to make… yesterday I hit my breaking point. I was ready to give up on this whole fitness model thing.

Thoughts ran through my head like “maybe it’s wrong timing” and “is it really worth it?” I was told by my coach yesterday I had to start over on a 10 day grind because I substituted asparagus for broccoli since I ran out. I was half way through eating the exact same thing for each meal. I was so angry. I talked to my friend who had done a show before and my boyfriend who has to deal with my craziness daily on this diet. ( I get really weird mood swings.) 

PS: Not everyday is bad, I was doing well on it, it was getting easier. When she told me to start over though, I lost it.

“I have to spend another $200 on a weeks worth of food for this stupid diet when I’m struggling to make rent and pay all my bills…I’m stressed out of my mind, I’m sick…I don’t want to do this anymore!..” rant came out of me. Tears down my cheeks, the whole diva thing. I was done.

Then I watched this: 


what did I do after?

I went to store… and bought more asparagus. 

7 Helpful Ways to Create Kaizen in Your Life

I just recently learned a term by a mentor of mine and I wanted to share it with you as I believe it is an important one. The term kaizen derives from Japan and it’s literal meaning is “constant improvement.” Constant improvement…what does that mean? Improve in business? In my relationships? No, it doesn’t give one aspect of life more importance over the next (although most people weigh others differently) kaizen refers to constant DAILY improvement in ALL aspects of life.


I like that.

Think about it for a second… what do you think would happen if you got just 1% better in your the different areas of your life? Okay lets slow down, your work life. What would happen if you worked to get just 1% better? You think your boss would notice? If you did this continuously over the next 6 months the improvement rate would get higher and higher, your value to the company would get higher and higher, then naturally your income would get…yep, higher and HIGHER! Boom. Mind blown.

Lets take another scenario. Your relationships (one of my highest weighing aspects). What do you think would happen if you put 1% more effort into your relationships? The intimacy and the deepness would grow, your happiness would grow, and your life would find new meaning and connection with the ones you love most! AWESOME!

PS: If you do not have any solid relationship with family or a loved one…get a dog, a cat, a FISH even. Something. I used to be the girl who didn’t have any attachments and my family lived hours away, it seemed nice, but it gets lonely…don’t hide from it, IMPROVE from it.

Here are a few helpful tips how to get 1% better DAILY: (in case you are stumped)

  1. When you are with loved ones, DON’T be on social media. Give them your time, eyes, and attention.
  2. When you are in a meeting at work, take notes on what the boss is saying. Take one idea from it and run with it, even if its small or you have to go out of your way to do it. Trust me, the boss will notice.
  3. On your daily routine, give me 10 Jumping Jacks, 10 Squats, and 10 Push-ups when you FIRST wake up. It gets your heart rate and metabolism going plus gives you a burst of energy before even leaving the house!
  4. PUT DOWN THE DONUT. Pick up a piece of fruit. JUST DO IT.
  5. This weekend, go somewhere you have never been with a cherished person in your life. I just went to LACMA to see the Urban Light’s with my boyfriend and it was magical. Little things like this bring you closer to people and get you out of your norm. The human brain NEEDs that.
  6. Grab a book and read it. At least a page a day. It can even be one of those “A Page a Day” kind of books. Anything.
  7. Write down your list of Life dreams. It can be as silly as owning a bunch of Guess shoes (Don’t laugh at me) or as big as seeing the 7 continents. I don’t care, I won’t judge. In fact, no one will. Because this list is for you. Write them down, don’t show anyone if you don’t want to. BUT, you need to promise me you will READ them everyday. Seriously, EVERYDAY, until they start coming true. Then write a new list.

Remember, we are not going for a crazy big difference all at once. All you need is 1%. that’s not too hard right? you can give your life 1% more. I know you can,  because I believe in you.




Monday Morning Coffee: Want a FIERCE body?



CLICK HERE to see my new Fierce Body weekly Newsletter. It is a FREE way to implement new health information straight from the doctors themselves. This past IDEA I learned A LOT about nutrition, recovery, training, standards, mindsets, and ways to become the best version YOU were meant to be. I will be sharing these new tips and awesome news with you on here but for a more detailed version and to get strictly nutrion based help this FREE community is where you want to be! Before you sign up though, take a look at what I will be talking about:

Past posts:

  • Carbs and their bad name
  • the importance of fiber and how to get more
  • Protein and where to find it as a carnivore or a plant eater

Future posts:

  • How much water is too much
  • whole, fresh food vs. frozen food (it’s not what you expect)
  • the problem with our cows today

I am going to talk about some controversial subjects as well so be sure to ADD the Fierce Body community into your life! See you there!


Monday Morning Coffee: What Fuels You?

Good morning!

I have a hectic week lined up as I prepare for this years IDEA World. Planning for subs, prepping food, packing, making sure everything is set to go, then my mind starts racing about what I’m going to learn and who I’m going to meet this year. All this got me thinking, what do you do that fuels you? As my video in the previous post said, “the best always want to be surrounded by the best.” I know you are the BEST at something, so how do you fuel your mastery? Where do you go?

Whether you are in business, marketing, construction, or in my case fitness everyone has somewhere they can go to grow their mastery, their trade. A client of mine just went to a three day summit for Real Estate and she was FIRED UP at the end, ready to conquer mountains.  So I challenge you today if you have not attended a summit, convention, or educational course yet this year NOW IS THE TIME. We are in the third quarter of the year and at times, we start to get run down. Thats why it’s so important to go out and get revamped on what you are passionate about, to feel fired up again. Go get a fire lit up under you to keep your flame burning bright. Let me know where you go as well so I can pass the information along as well for more people. 


Carpe Diem

Do you have any IDEA whats coming?

If you are anywhere near California and would like to experience one of the most energized, motivational, and inspirational conventions of your life come to Anaheim for the IDEA World Fitness Convention. This convention is the largest and longest running fitness convention in the world and holds the top 10% of the fitness professionals. Whether you’re going there to see whats new in the fitness industry, pursue a career in fitness, or help grow your already fitness career; IDEA is the place for you! This will be my 4th consecutive year attending and it is always so much fun with something new going on every time. I’ll be sending you a review of this years when I get back! In the mean time though check out this video for a little sneak peak of this years IDEA World:


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