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CLICK HERE to see my new Fierce Body weekly Newsletter. It is a FREE way to implement new health information straight from the doctors themselves. This past IDEA I learned A LOT about nutrition, recovery, training, standards, mindsets, and ways to become the best version YOU were meant to be. I will be sharing these new tips and awesome news with you on here but for a more detailed version and to get strictly nutrion based help this FREE community is where you want to be! Before you sign up though, take a look at what I will be talking about:

Past posts:

  • Carbs and their bad name
  • the importance of fiber and how to get more
  • Protein and where to find it as a carnivore or a plant eater

Future posts:

  • How much water is too much
  • whole, fresh food vs. frozen food (it’s not what you expect)
  • the problem with our cows today

I am going to talk about some controversial subjects as well so be sure to ADD the Fierce Body community into your life! See you there!


Monday Morning Coffee: What Fuels You?

Good morning!

I have a hectic week lined up as I prepare for this years IDEA World. Planning for subs, prepping food, packing, making sure everything is set to go, then my mind starts racing about what I’m going to learn and who I’m going to meet this year. All this got me thinking, what do you do that fuels you? As my video in the previous post said, “the best always want to be surrounded by the best.” I know you are the BEST at something, so how do you fuel your mastery? Where do you go?

Whether you are in business, marketing, construction, or in my case fitness everyone has somewhere they can go to grow their mastery, their trade. A client of mine just went to a three day summit for Real Estate and she was FIRED UP at the end, ready to conquer mountains.  So I challenge you today if you have not attended a summit, convention, or educational course yet this year NOW IS THE TIME. We are in the third quarter of the year and at times, we start to get run down. Thats why it’s so important to go out and get revamped on what you are passionate about, to feel fired up again. Go get a fire lit up under you to keep your flame burning bright. Let me know where you go as well so I can pass the information along as well for more people. 


Carpe Diem

Do you have any IDEA whats coming?

If you are anywhere near California and would like to experience one of the most energized, motivational, and inspirational conventions of your life come to Anaheim for the IDEA World Fitness Convention. This convention is the largest and longest running fitness convention in the world and holds the top 10% of the fitness professionals. Whether you’re going there to see whats new in the fitness industry, pursue a career in fitness, or help grow your already fitness career; IDEA is the place for you! This will be my 4th consecutive year attending and it is always so much fun with something new going on every time. I’ll be sending you a review of this years when I get back! In the mean time though check out this video for a little sneak peak of this years IDEA World:

Living life with no sugar and the 5 steps to help you do it


Three weeks ago I embarked on a new journey of becoming a fitness model. What does that mean? That means no alcohol, no extra sodium, no sugar… not to mention everything that all those things involve. At first, as I have expressed in previous posts it was hard. Kicking the addiction of not only sugar but food in general was an issue I never knew I had until now. My main thought process always seemed to include ice cream or cheesecake. Now however, it’s not the same…

In three weeks I have been able to make my goal weight I started with for the whole 3 month transformation. Seems I need to dream a little bigger now. Not only that, I have seen a transformation in my body like never before. I feel light, strong, and clean. My cravings are not nearly as bad ( I still want ice cream haha) and I am enjoying this new type of living. I’m cooking ten times more than I used to which enables me to experiment with food and flavors. REAL food has never tasted so good. Sugary things that used to make my mouth water just from the smell of it now smells…like chemicals.

People have been asking me how I am doing it. Here are 5 little helpful tips:

  • Take it day by day. Don’t think about never having sugar again or never drinking again. Think about what you are going to eat TODAY, and ONLY today.
  • Discipline is KEY. It takes wanting to be healthy more than you want to feel gross all the time. It takes a daily routine of healthy living and not putting yourself in a situation where you will trigger your inner fat kid. (PS I totally did this and it led to a cheat…a small scoop cheat.)
  • Plan ahead. Meal planning takes time on Sunday to prep for your week ahead. About 2 hours to be exact. However the benefits of it out way the time it needs to prepare. All you need to do is open the fridge and pullout a container with your breakfast, lunch, or dinner in it. How’s THAT for fast food.
  • DECIDE its time for change. Listen, lets be honest with each other. You are not going to change unless you want to. If you’re doing a stupid fad diet to get someone off your back it’s never gonna work. You have to DECIDE, for yourself, you want to be healthy. The pain of being unhealthy HAS to be greater than the pleasure of a quick fix.
  • Find things in your new healthy eating that you go to for a “fix.” For me, I am loving my new homemade chai latte or Passion tea with Vanilla stevia from Starbucks. Also, Balsamic Vinegar from Costco is the best thing ever right now. If you don’t find healthy things to enjoy you will end up cheating, reverting everything you worked so hard on, and have to start over. Lets not do that, ok?

There you have it, what it takes..well, at least so far. I’ll let you know what else comes up and how this all unfolds. Until then..


Carpe Diem

FREE weekly health tips!

Hi there!

I wanted to let you know I am starting a FREE weekly Fierce Body Newsletter. Every week you will recieve a new health and nutrition based tip from me. This is food specific for you to implement into your daily diet. I am breaking them up into consecutive weeks to make it easier to implement a new healthy eating habit and not be overwhelmed. I am doing this for two reasons:

A) I have had personal success on my new nutrition plan using not only what types of food I eat but portion sizes and timing. The first thing I want to do is share it with you! why? ( See point B )

B) I believe you can be the best version of yourself just by implementing new lifestyle changes slowly and consistently . I want to help you grow into the healthier, happier YOU you were born to be.

If you would like to be included in my free Fierce Body Newsletter all you need to do is CLICK HERE to see this weeks then hit SUBSCRIBE! Thats it! easy Peasy!

Thanks again and I’ll see you each week for my Fierce Body newsletter!


Carpe Diem

M.M. Coffee: A Math Equation

Good morning!

Happy Monday! I hope last week did you well and you were able to progress in your dreams. I just finished my second breakfast of the day and am now sitting here with my coffee and kitten in my lap ready to get the week started, are you? Today’s message is going to help you progress further and help you de-clutter some of the messy parts in your life. It is something I am going to spend a great deal on today as I hope you will too. It’s short and sweet but straight to the point. I came across this quote just the other day and it stopped me in my tracks. It reads:


In our culture we are all about obtaining. Buying more, getting more, having more. Today I want you to take a really good look at your life and start subtracting the clutter. Get rid of all the messy parts that you are not very passionate about anyway, they are only harming you and distracting you from your true potential. If you have ten things you need to focus on none of them are going to get done well, just mediocre. I know you are anything but mediocre so be true to yourself, at the very least get rid of ONE thing today. Then maybe tomorrow you can get rid of another.

Happy calculating!

Carpe Diem

7 Lessons From a Fitness Model Lifestyle (It’s not what you think!)

Hey there, I’ve been out and about all week prepping for work engagements but thought I would take a time out and send you a message. During the week you can get so busy with work, life, or whatever else is on your honey to do list. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and say hi to a friend, ya know?

I told you at the beginning of my fitness model journey I would give you updates on my program as I go. Today I am only at the latter end of my second week but it is a good time to reflect. Here are some valuable lessons I have learned so far. I hope these help you with your own health goals.

1) sugar is addicting. This one you probably already know about but it needs to be said. It didn’t come off to me like an addiction at first but I realized as I crave FOOD how hard it really is to stay away (I’m still struggling). The crazy part is sugar is in almost EVERYTHING. Which makes a lot food dangerous to your health if you consume a lot of it.

2) Food is fuel. Nothing more. Now when I eat it’s not for pleasure. I eat what I need to in order to give my body the fuel it needs and that is it. It is interesting, when I took away the pleasure of food as something to do, it made me think about what I like to do for fun besides eating with friends. It made me reflect on my other joys of life, made me dig a little deeper. Taking away the “overeating” from my social life has changed things around personally and socially, which reminds me:

3) Social events…not the same. Going to BBQ’s, a birthday party, or just a night out with the girls is completely different. You can no longer linger by the food area if you don’t want to talk to a certain someone (we’ve all done it) or used food as an out from holding an actually conversation. (sorry, my mouth is full.) It has led to a deeper sense of connection with the people around me.

4) Real food doesn’t linger. In my program I am not allowed to eat 3 hours between every meal. The food I have been eating is a lot of food, but by that 2.5 hour mark, I’m starving. I eat A LOT now an yet am super hungry when my next meal comes around. I feel bad for those closest to me at times. I literally told my boyfriend one time when he was in the fridge “please get whatever you need to get from there and move out of my way.” (please excuse what I said to you when I was hungry)

5) Nutrition is KEY. As you know I’m a trainer, and have been working out basically my whole life. This program has made major connections for me on health and weight management as well as weight loss. In 11 days I have lost 7 pounds.

6) Food plays a part in skin treatment. I’m 28 years old now and I have struggled with acne the better part of my life. I have battled it FOREVER. I’ve tried every kind of acne cream you can: home remedies, doctors creams, over the counter, everything. Nothing has worked. Changing my diet around and getting rid of sugar has totally cleared up my face. it’s amazing.

7) This. Is. HARD. I’m not going to lie, this may be one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is battling my will, my discipline, my character, my decision making skills, my very lifestyle. It is a complete change that makes me feel I am pushing against a wall of full force gravity. Some days are okay; others, not so much. Being in this program is teaching me a lot of skills. Some of which are to keep focused and my eye on the end result, slow progress is still progress, character building in keeping with something, and pushing forward even when I dearly want to give up. It’s a daily struggle, and its a daily triumph. I’m learning to keep my mind on today’s steps and not on three months ahead.


I want you to know, the main reason I stay with it is for you. When I want to quit, when I want to cheat, I remind myself of you reading this right now. Watching, rooting, and being there to see what it’s like. I want to show you that you can do whatever you set your mind to as well. I’m just a normal girl working to make dreams and goals come true. If I can do it, so can you. Thank you for being my accountability partner in this. Since you are mine, I’ll be yours too.




Carpe Diem


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